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Questions and Answers

After Getting in Touch

​I will arrange a suitable time with you for me to visit to view the work and take notes to draw up your quotation. I aim to get in touch with you within 24 hours. I will then email you with your quote which will be broken down so you can see the costings, 2-3 days after this I will contact you to see if you would like to make a booking to go ahead with the work.

How long does my new plaster take to dry out?

Plaster is best dried out naturally with windows open. In general room re-skim can take 2-5 days to dry although a small area would take considerably less time. Dot & Dab or float and set any where up to 2 weeks depending on thickness, damp coarse render or external render also up to 2 weeks. This is very weather dependent.

Can I artex ceilings and walls plastered ?

Artex can be scraped so the rough bits are off prior to plastering. This can only be done if there is no Asbestos present. Two or three coats of plaster will be appliesd to achieve the desired finish. Should it contain Asbestos then it cannot be disturbed in any way or the Asbestos fibres may become airborne and potentially harmful. In this instance I would  plaster over the Artex without disturbing it.

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